"Inter religious dialogue" that has become so commonplace now-a-days. According to PCSW&HR, s prospective about this is that it is a symbol of the dawning of a new consciousness that accepts—and in many cases celebrates—the reality of cultural and religious difference. The reasons are, in part, pragmatic: we need to understand each other and work co-operatively for world reconciliation, harmony and peace. We are at a point in human history when no single religious or cultural tradition can responsibly decide to live in glorious isolation from the rest of the world. We either learn to live together in harmony or face the distinct possibility of destroying the one world we are called to share.

For this purpose from its establishment, PCSW&HR initiated different projects. The purpose of these project is to built the capacity of local NGOs, CBOs, Governmental organization, students organization, youth groups, political parties, local bodies representatives, senior citizens, trade unions, business community, labors organizations, teachers and women organizations on the issue of inter-religious harmony, equality, justice, peace, social development, human rights, current National & International and local affairs etc through the academic activities, awareness workshops, free discussions, consultations, seminars and publications, research and monitoring etc.

To create awareness among the Muslims and Christians living in Pakistan, to respect others and believe that sharing our values and wisdom can lead us to act for the good of all, to support freedom of religions and spiritual expression and the rights of all individuals and peoples at set for in local, National & International laws. In this regard different delegations of Pakistan Council attended the different International conferences, seminars and planning session in all over the world arranged by prominent Church organizations and Muslim organizations

PCSW&HR's Initiatives for Human Rights Protection

Purpose of initiatives is to protect the minorities & human rights by providing a forum of interaction between different groups in the society, especially the Christian and the Muslim community. For this purpose Pakistan Council is carrying out its activities at Central Punjab and Islamabad. Every where in the world the minorities are fighting for their rights, but for the first time in Pakistan, the majority with the help of minority came out to protect the rights of minorities As in Pakistan Christians are the first big minority, so they are the major focus of council’s activities. Our efforts are very visible and covered in the National press.

During the last three years PCSW&HR has arranged various National Level peace Seminars on Human Rights, and Minority Rights, awareness walks to boast up the General Public Moral the issues of peace, justice, equality, harmony. These walks were attended by thousands of students, social workers, members of District management, Federal Ministers and high profile dignitaries. NGO also held meetings with President of Pakistan, Governors, Federal Ministers, High Ranking Army Officials, and members of Juridical, prominent Political Leaders to highlight the minority problems and for the safeguard of their fundamental rights at all levels. In this project our partners are URI USA and Pakistan Christians UK

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