Awards & Appreciations to PCSW&HR

“Betty Makoni” Award by World Women Summit Foundation Switzerland

Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights has also honor to achieve the International “Betty Makoni” Award, given by World Women Summit Foundation WWSF Geneva, Switzerland on the occasion of World Day Prevention of Child Abuse 19 November 2004 at UN High Commission on Human Rights Geneva Switzerland in a special ceremony to acknowledge the efforts of Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights for organizing the Innovative Activities regarding protection of child rights at grassroots level in Pakistan especially Prevention of any kind of Child Abuse at any level in 2003. Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Noori Chairman PCSW&HR received this award on behalf of PCSW&HR in a marvelous ceremony held at UN High Commission Geneva Switzerland

Presidential Award to PCSW&HR for its Splendid Efforts for Earthquake Victims at Azad Jammu Kashmir AJ&K

As on 8th October 2005 the massive earthquake disaster of Pakistani history destroyed the beauty of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, which is called paradise on the Earth. More than 90 percent buildings collapsed in the worst affected districts of Muzafarabad, Bagh, Neelam valley and Rawalakot. At that crucial time like others several National and International organizations, PCSW&HR also took initiative and performed so many activities for the relief and rehabilitation of Earthquake victims with the financial assistance of different National and International donors.

While keeping in view the humble efforts/activities for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of earthquake victims in the different parts of Azad Jammu & Kashmir PCSW&HR also awarded the Presidential Award by the Govt. of AJK during the Humanitarian Conference held on 7th May 2007. Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Noori Chairman Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights received the Presidential Award on behalf of PCSW&HR. During this conference about 150 National, International Organizations, UN Departments, Pakistan Army’s Generals, Prominent Media Persons and others who performed their services for the relief and rehabilitation of earthquake victims at earthquake hit areas were also awarded the Presidential Awards by the Govt. of AJK. Presidential Award to PCSW&HR for its Splendid Efforts for Earthquake Victims at Azad Jammu Kashmir AJ&K

NGO’s Participation in United Nations General Assembly (UNGASS on Children)

PCSW&HR has great honor to took its active part in the Preparatory process for the UN General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on children as accredited NGO in three session of preparatory committee in UN Head Quarter New York and this NGO has also accredited status for UN General Assembly Special Session for Children which held in Un Head Quarter from 8 to 10 May 2002

Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) at United Nation has granted the special Consultative Status to our organization “Pakistan Council for Social
Welfare & Human Rights” (PCSW&HR) This special Consultative Status enables PCSW&HR to actively engage with ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, as well
as with the United Nations Secretariat, programmes, funds and agencies in a number of ways. This special consultative status entitles the PCSW&HR to
designate its official representatives to the United Nations Headquarters in New York and the United Nations offices in Geneva and Vienna. After
attaining this special consultative status with ECOSOC, the PCSW&HR’s representatives will be able to register for and participate in events,
conferences and activities of the United Nations, and organizations in general and special consultative status may designate authorized
representatives to sit as observers at public meetings of ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies, General Assembly, Human Rights Council and other United
Nations intergovernmental decision-making bodies. Special consultative status with ECOSOC is not only honor for our organization, it is also great
honor for our country Pakistan, really it is recognition of our work for humanity, support, guidance and appreciation by all of our friends time to
time to improve our quality of work. PCSW&HR will continue its efforts for the protection of human rights, promotion of interfaith harmony, culture of
peace, justice, social tolerance and will feel great honor to work with United Nation especially ECOSOC and its subsidiary bodies and play it role to
achieve the noble goals of ECOSOC at United Nation. This special consultative status will also provide us the opportunity to promote & restore the
true soft and peaceful image of Pakistan around the world that Pakistan is peace loving nation and its people love humanity and culture of peace
without any dissemination of religions. Through the platform of ECOSOC we may also present this image around the world that in Pakistan all citizens
enjoying the equal rights and religion does not become the basis for any discrimination and our constitution does not give any superiority or
privilege to the Muslims on any ground. “May God help and guide us to serve the humanity as he desires”

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