The Organization

Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights (PCSW&HR) was formed in 1992, with Mr. Mehmud Ali a veteran of the Pakistan Movement, as the Patron.  The society started off with the aim to work for the human rights, inter-religious harmony, justice and sustainable peace in the Pakistani society. The strategy adopted was through promotion of inter-religious dialogues at the grass roots. The cope was soon widened to include ensuring implantation of the conventions on child rights. The organization stands registered with Social Welfare Department, Government of the Punjab, under the Voluntary Social welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance (XLVI of 1961) with its register office in Sialkot Pakistan


This organization visualizes a society with justice, equality durable peace, universal brotherhood, free of poverty, violence, equal opportunities for social and economic empowerment to all citizens. Protection of child rights, human rights and Minority rights in Pakistan without any prejudice or bias to color, creed, religion or caste.

Pakistan Council for Social Welfare and Human Rights is a voluntary coordinating organ among the National and International Human Rights and Social Welfare Organizations for the welfare of Humanity. This Council practically works for the promotion for inter-religious relations, social welfare, child rights, women rights, Literacy Development, Social Justice, Sustainable peace and equality through community participation at grass roots level.


Universal respect and observance of human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race, sex, language or religion article 55(c ) of the UN charter was the light-house for the establishment of the council .keeping in view the above Ground Norms we established the following objectives for us.

1.    To protect human rights by providing a forum of interaction between different groups in the society
2.    To establish peace, justice and equality through awareness activities and process of social mobilization. Later in 1996 the objectives of the organization was expanded to include social development through participatory approaches and
3.    Protection of child rights at any level according to CRC.
4.    Gender sensitization, development and empowerment of women

Basic Areas of Work

1.    Protection & Promotion of Human Rights.
2.    Promotion of inter-religious dialogues and harmony
3.    Protection of minorities' rights.
4.    Protection of child rights according to CRC
5.     Relief and Rehabilitation Work in Emergencies
6.     Rehabilitation of Disasters Affected People
7.    Promotion of formal & non-formal education.
8.    Adult Literacy.
9.    Protection of women rights.
10. Protection of environment.
11. Preventive, curative and reproductive health.


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OBOS 'The One Body One Spirit Movement' Korea
Public and Private Sectors
Education Department Government of Punjab
Government of Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJ&K)
United Religions Initiative (URI) USA
WWSF World Woman Summit Foundation Geneva, Switzerland
Sialkot Chamber of Commerce & Industry Sialkot
District Government of Sialkot.
National Commission for Human Development (NCHD)
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