Universal Primary Education (UPE)

PCSW&HR has also honor to complete Universal Primary Education (UPE) Project with the active cooperation of Government of the Punjab and UNICEF Sialkot. This project started on 1st of August 1999 and ended on 31st December 2003. According to this project, 100 percent children between the ages of 5-7 years have to be enrolled in the formal and non-formal schools, Retention of Children in the schools at least for the period of 5 years and to gain the quality education. In UPE project PCSW&HR has been working in 272 villages and 16 Urban Wards of Sialkot City. PCSWHR achieved the all objectives of this project with the collaboration of Education Department and during this project capacity of education department was also built to run this project by the education department at their own end as this project handed over to Education department in 2004 The remarkable achievements in this project that in the areas of PCSW&HR community have completed different projects like improvement of school infrastructure, extension of schools buildings and construction of new buildings of schools on self help basis with the social mobilization of NGO. The total value of completed work by community is about RS 10 Million.

Registration at Birth (RAB)

PCSW&HR also worked on the project of Registration at Birth. This was joint project of UNICEF, PCSW&HR and District Government. The objective of this birth Registration was to register the names of all children at Union Council level between the ages of (0 to 18) years. According to CRC it is right of every newborn child that he must be registered at Government Record. In this project PCSW&HR covered the 30 Union Councils of Sialkot District. Awareness campaign was also launched during this project and due to humble efforts of PCSW&HR hundred of children were also registered at UC level as they did not register at their birth. In all villages fall in the 30 union councils where PCSW&HR worked on RAB project village level committees were also formed by the PCSW&HR and each village committee ensures the birth registration of newly born children in its village.

Early Child Care Development

Early Child Care Development (ECCD) project started in October 2001. The main purpose of this project was to aware the parents regarding the physically, mentally, emotionally and social development of children from the age 0 to 5 years. The PCSW&HR worked in 272 village and 16 urban wards in this project with the collaboration of District Health Department and UNICEF.

Youth & Adolescent

The PCSW&HR worked for children from age 0 to 14 years in ECCD, UPE & Child Labour Projects. According to child rights convention from the year 2003 another project signed by PCSW&HR with UNICEF in the name of Youth and Adolescent was launched with the collaboration of UNICEF and District Government. The main purpose of this project was to create the awareness in youth (15 to 20 years) regarding peace, democracy, religious harmony and tolerance. Initially we worked for the establishment of youth groups at grass roots level in 272 villages and 16 urban wards to achieve the projectís objectives after this Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights arranged village level workshop for 50 youth groups (1250 male and female) on tolerance, peace and confidence building, HIV/Aids, health & cleanness and life skills etc

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